ORGATEC 2022 in Cologne

  • TEAMBOX: TB.2 in white und TB.1 in black
  • Furnishings: TB.1: height-adjustable desk
  • Furnishings: TB.2: 2 benches plus desk in white, seat cushion in green

Focus work, phone calls or video conferencing can be done here without distraction or noise.

The TEAMBOX lets you create a work environment that benefits everyone. One of your team can make a phone call or hold a meeting inside the TEAMBOX without being disturbed, while the rest of the team can carry on being productive without being distracted. Take employee satisfaction to the next level in your office!

Teambox 1 TB.1 Telefonbox Videokonferenzbox


The TB.2 is an eye-catcher in any office setting, creating the ideal environment for meetings or brainstorming for one to four people. Use them to host conferences, including virtual ones, without external noises causing disturbance.

Orgatec 2022 TEAMBOX TB.2 Meetingbox Besprechungsraum
Teambox Tb.1 Telefonzelle, Videokonferenz Teambox Tb.2 Meetingbox Besprechungsraum Orgatec 2022; TEAMBOX TB.2 Meetingbox Besprechungraum